A list of our frequently asked questions

We lease our space. Why would we need your service?

Leasing space often covers most of your base building issues. Below is a list of things that are covered, and things that aren’t normally covered.


Heating/Cooling system
Base electrical
Base lighting
Common area
Main entry doors
Main building security
Waste disposal

Not Covered 

Hot water heater breaking
Furniture repair and replace
Light bulb changes (Non-base building)
Flooring repairs/cleaning
Handyperson tasks
Appliance repair and replace
Mailroom, shipping and recieveing
Event management
Internal security
Vendor management
Audio and Video equipment
Office cleaners
Health and Safety requirements
AODA Requirements  
Space planning
Long term planning
Disaster recovery

The list of services that aren’t covered in a lease have to be managed by someone.

This is what the office manager or mailroom person does, isn’t it?

Typically, in smaller organizations where a limit budget is allocated to maintenance, these services would fall under these people’s responsibilities. After a few short years, a once new space, can start to look tired and worn out. This is due to quick fixes by inexperienced people (No, duct tape is not the solution to everything). A facility manager can source correct materials to fix the job correctly the first time, and your office can maintain the brand you are going for.

What’s the difference between Facility Management and Property Management?

A Facility Manager's main responsibility is ensuring that the building and its services meet the needs of the people that work in them. Facility Managers are accountable for preventative/general maintenance, cleaning, security and budgeting. As well as taking on special projects like office moves, renovations and contact management.


A property manager’s main responsibility is the building, and the exterior.


A facility manager works with a property manager to ensure they are maintaining their property to the standards that you have come to expect.

We're a charity, how can you help us?

We work with our partners to redistribute used office furniture and supplies to charities across Canada.

We have Multiple Offices, can you service them?

Absolutely! We are able to service offices all across Canada. You get consistent service across all offices, no matter the size.